Scattergun Outdoors is an accumulation of My appreciation of the outdoors, whether it's hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, bushcraft, outdoor photography, or just time generally enjoying the outdoors. I welcome you to join me on my outdoor journeys and to enjoy the memories of my past. Most folks Just call me "Doc", a nickname I picked up in high school many years ago. Here in Illinois, before it became the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) it was the Department of Conservation (Doc), hence the nickname. My love of the outdoors and willingness to learn about the outdoors drove me to become very knowledgeable about the outdoors, when someone had a question the S.O.P. was to check with the "Doc".

A little about me

I have written a few articles on the outdoors, had a few published and a few that didn't make the cut. Mostly the magazine articles were on either turkey or squirrel hunting, but have been a advisor on a few articles as well. The articles I could still locate are located in another section of this webpage. Unfortunately some of the older articles (before it was all digital) are no longer available. Today, with all the time saving devices we have, I find myself with less time to write or spend as much time in the "woods" as I would like. The internet is a handy way to put my thoughts on "paper", so instead of writing articles for magazines, I'll use this website as my format to share, my thoughts, articles, insights and opinions.

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"Just an ordinary average guy."

Joe Walsh circa 1990